Senior Management, CEO’s and Chairmen of the Board face strategic decisions on a regular basis, many times they are facing a new situation and they need an unbiased advice in a confidential manner to ensure their solutions are the best for the organization.


Often they face the challenge of not having internal staff with the proper experience to design and execute an important strategy.


These challenges cannot wait and must be tackled immediately. And no one issue is isolated, so the right solution must consider the entire organization, competitive landscape, political and economic environment and international markets, as well as the organization’s internal politics.


Mix Capital, with its network of experienced professionals, provides the right advice at the right time, with experience at the top level of different organizations, can provide the needed support to resolve a short term decision or a long term strategic implementation.



In growing organizations, the company sometimes grows faster than the equity in their books, and need to define an equity strategy that fits their current and long term needs. The strategy must take into consideration many issues, such as legal restrains in the country they operate, access to capital markets, current shareholder structure and the company strategy.


Mix Capital takes all these issues into account, presents shareholders and the board with options, advantages and disadvantages for them to approve, and then proceeds to structure the solution including creating the legal products, company valuation, shareholder identification, and support on the negotiations with potential shareholders.


The right financial strategy can provide not only needed cash to support growth, but also if managed correctly, reduce interest costs and provide much needed liquidity during business cycles or crisis.


Mix Capital analyses the current financial structure, matches it against the business plans and proposes solutions that best match the company’s need so they maximize their income without taking unnecessary risks.



Most small and medium businesses are family owned, and even those that aren’t, typically are owned by a small group of shareholders. As the company grows, these equity structures begin to show signs of stress. The right and timely advice can avoid big shareholder crisis in the future.


With significant experience working with family owned businesses, Mix Capital works with the family to design the right transition plans, integration of the family into the business, the right rules to prevent internal conflicts and support on the debate of the succession plan. No two companies are alike and Mix Capital solutions are tailored to each individual company’s needs.


With Mix Capital experience, shareholder owned businesses also benefit from the right corporate governance structure and training. Working with the company to strengthen the Board of Directors, provide the necessary training, controls and role definition, a great board should be a very valuable asset to a successful company.



All organizations face risk, and crisis arise, whether self inflicted or due to the political, economic or competitive environment. Some are small and require fast and experienced advice from a trusted source; others are large and may require a high level of involvement from a team of people with experience to support the different levels of the organization.


Mix Capital provides the immediate advice to the CEO, management or the Chairman of the Board, and also con assemble a team of experienced individuals to tackle the most difficult crisis.


Mix Capital has experience dealing with challenges such as Political attacks against the company, media crisis, natural disasters and mayor shifts in competitive environment. Mix Capital provides the right advice to the organization, including media training to the CEO, and public relations officers, design of communication strategy, lobbying, legal, human resources, organization chart, financial, operations and other business areas.




Every company must develop a strategy to face most business risks. Generally management is very focused on making the business grow and spend very little time working the strategy to respond when risk arises.


Mix Capital supports the organization building risk management into the strategic thinking of management, and if the size of the organization permits, helps design a new risk management department to prevent risk, and identify business opportunities.



Marketing is not only the role of the marketing department, but senior management must recognize their role in the building of a brand.


With Media Training of Mix Capital, the CEO will feel comfortable talking to the media and increase the positive news their company and their products receive. Knowing how to give written, radio or TV interviews are not natural traits, and must be learned if a CEO wants to be successful.


Understanding and targeting the Millennium and the i Generation will guarantee the long term success and sustainable growth. Knowing how to use the Social Media to build a relationship and a positive experience with the upcoming generations is part of the benefits Mix Capital brings to the clients.


Mix Capital does a complete analysis of the marketing strategy and makes recommendation on modifications and other non traditional channels of reaching their clients and stakeholders.



Repeating the same products of the competition is not innovation, it is duplication. Mix Capital analyzes the current product offering, identifies the competitive offering and recommends new products, or designs a process for the organization to design these innovative products that will provide the future income to the company.


With significant experience in technological solutions, including state of the art Smart Card technology, use of mobile phones and different