Making a Difference

The Mix Capital team has been involved in supporting social, ethical and environmental causes.


One of such causes is the Home of Hope, a humble shelter for children who are receiving treatment for cancer and other diseases. The shelter or “El Hotelito” as it is called by its guests consists of 22 private rooms with private bathrooms to house a parent and their child while being treated at the Nicaraguan Children’s Hospital.


El Hotelito is 50 meters away from “Hospital del Niño La Mascota”, the Children’s Hospital of Nicaragua. For over 10 years it has provided free room and board to needy families during their times of crisis.


El Hotelito also provides free dentistry, a teacher to help children catch up with their school or basic literacy for their adult parents, and entertainment organized by local high school teenagers.


If you want to help, volunteer your time, donate money, food or support in any way, please contact us here.