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Political Experience

Mix Capital Inc has extensive experience dealing with political situations, with contacts at the Republican and the Democratic Parties of the USA, to foreign political and business leaders:

With Ken Wollack, National Democratic Institute Chairman, Washington DC

With Roger Noriega, Sub Secretary of State, under Pres. George W. Bush

With Lino Gutierrez, State Department, under Pres. George W. Bush

Front CoverUnder very difficult circumstances, Gabriel Solorzano was able to prevent an election fraud in Nicaragua as cited in the book Undoing Democracy: The Politics of Electoral Caudillismo, by David Close and Kalowatie Deonandan, page 37-38.

To handling mobs of people under very heated environment:

Also our CEO was invited to speak along Princess Maxima of The Netherlands as featured speakers of the Annual Foreign Bankers Meeting of the Netherlands in November 2008.
Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima, Foreign Bankers Association Annual Meeting, The Netherlands

With Vice President Morales Carazo of Nicaragua, Asad Mahmood and Chuck Olson from Deutsche Bank